Sewing & Quilting Classes

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Fundamentals of Sewing:

This course is perfect for those who have never touched a sewing machine or for anyone who has never had any formal training. We start with a review of the sewing machine and all of its parts and pieces. We talk about needles, threads and supplies. I demonstrate and then you practice making different seam types and other useful stitching techniques. We have a brief discussion about fabrics and their characteristics. And we end the class with making a project that utilizes all that we’ve learned. This is a very hands-on course and you will have ample time to practice the techniques that are discussed and demonstrated.

This is a 4 session course with each session being 3 hours; 12 hours total. Included in the course is the use of a new Brother sewing machine, a reference manual of approximately 100 pages for you to take with you, all materials, and supplies to use.

Pre-Requisite: None


Introduction to Garment Making:

This course will cover patterns, fitting and construction. Our project for this course will be a simple skirt. The first session will be dedicated to the pattern envelope, instructions, and pattern tissue. In the second session, we will discuss body measurements and how to translate those to a pattern size for you. Throughout the course, one of our main focuses will be fit and how to alter a pattern or garment to customize it just for you. We will then proceed with the construction of the skirt working through darts, seams, facing, zipper, hem, and finishing.

This is a 5 session course with each session being 3 hours; 15 hours total. Included in the course is the use of a new Brother sewing machine; although if you have a sewing machine, it is advisable to use it so you can gain experience on your own machine. Also included is a reference manual of approximately 80 pages for you to take with you, materials for copying the pattern and making the fit garment, and supplies to use. You will be providing your own fabric, thread and findings to make your final skirt.

Pre-Requisite: Fundaments of Sewing or equivalent


Sewing Group:

This is an open session group of like minded women who meet once a week to sew whatever inspires; from garment making and baby clothes to home wares to quilts. You bring your sewing machine, supplies, and materials needed for your project. I will provide a table, irons and boards, and advice and suggestions to help you along the way. This is a four hour session.

Pre-Requisite: Fundamentals of Sewing or equivalent


Make Your Own Body Form:

A body form is an indispensable tool to have when making garments. It allows you to evaluate the fit of a garment at any point during construction and make necessary alterations to ensure that the finished product fits you perfectly. We will be making an exact duplication of your body from neck to hip using packing tape and a couple t-shirts. This is a fun, hands-on class that yields a useful tool in the end.

We will be working in pairs on the first day. It takes approximately 3 hours to wrap and release you from the body form. You will then switch with your partner and will use the remainder of the day to wrap them. The forms are left overnight to dry. The second half day you will be working on your own to firm up your body form.

These body forms have more uses than just dressmaking. A couple of them have been used as art projects and decorated for display.

Pre-Requisite: None


Fundamentals of Quilting:

The word quilt conjures thoughts of a beautiful blanket, possibly made by a Grandmother. During the making of that blanket, two different techniques were used to create it. Patchwork is the process of joining bits of cloth together to create a design (block) and then those blocks are joined together to make a cover. Quilting refers to the decorative stitching that goes through and through your blanket to give it an added creative dimension and stability. In this course, we will be concentrating on patchwork and putting all of the parts and pieces together. Our project will be a set of four placemats.

Further class details coming soon

Pre-Requisite: Fundamentals of Sewing or equivalent


Sewers Tour of Sham Shui Po:

Sham Shui Po is a veritable treasure chest of shops that have any raw material you can think of to make any thing you can imagine. This tour is dedicated to fabrics and sewing. I have put together a map of the area with shops identified that carry different items. A supplement to this is a listing, by raw material, of the shops, their address and a brief description of why I like them or what they have. You can use this information as reference for any future trip to Sham Shui Po. We will spend approximately 3hours walking the streets. We will stop at most of the shops identified and have a browse.

We will meet in the Sham Shui Po MTR Station to begin our tour.

Sewing & Quilting Classes
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