I don’t see any dates on classes, when are they being taught?

I book classes on demand so I can best fit into your schedule. If there is a class or classes you are interested in, send me an e-mail and I will give you details on the up coming schedule.

What is the cost of the classes?

Each class has a different fee based upon number of sessions, subject and materials. I will provide information on course fees in the initial e-mail for scheduling a class.

Where are the classes taught?

I teach from my flat which is very conveniently located near to the Adventist Hospital on Stubbs Road. Address will be provided at confirmation.

Is parking available at the location of the class?

There is limited visitor parking at my building. I cannot guarantee a parking place for everyone who chooses to drive. It is always best to utilize public transportation or a taxi.

Since you teach at home, do you have pets?

Yes, I share my home with my family of adorable cats. Normally, they are all very happily tucked into their favorite sleeping spot while I’m holding a class so they are not out and about.

What is the maximum class size?

Maximum class size depends upon the subject being taught. Most sewing classes are kept at a maximum of 6 due to machine availability and space. Chinese knot and some jewellery classes can easily be 8-10. I always ensure that class size is appropriate for the subject to allow me time to work individually with everyone.

Do I need to bring my sewing machine to sewing classes?

The use of a sewing machine is included in the cost of sewing classes and is mandatory for Fundamentals of Sewing. If you have your own machine and want to bring it for other classes so you can gain experience on it, I strongly suggest you do. For the sewing group, you will need to bring your own machine; however, if you would rather not transport your machine, my machines are available for rental during the sewing group sessions.

What is the best way to transport a sewing machine?

Most machines are small enough these days to fit into an airline carry-on rolling trolley. Use a towel to pad around the machine so it does not bang around inside the trolley. A rolling trolley not only protects your machine, it keeps you safe as well by not lifting a heavy machine onto your shoulder.

What is included in the cost of the class?

Each class description lists what is provided either for you to take home with you or is available for your use during class time. I also make note if any supplies or materials are your responsibility to provide.

Approximately what amount of time is spent on theory versus practical during the classes?

The multi session courses are primarily the ones with theory because we are learning a new skill from the beginning. I feel it would be a disservice to you to jump into the practical without giving you first a foundation of information to build upon. Actual lecture time is usually the majority of the first session of a multi-session course. From there, I lecture as I demonstrate. For the single session courses, I employ the “tell, show, do” method of teaching where I talk you through an instruction as I demonstrate it and then I repeat the instructions as you it.

Do I need any previous experience to take classes?

Experience is needed for some classes, but not all. Each class descriptions lists and prerequisite for experience.