Emily with a girl's graduation private group

Emily with a girl’s graduation private group

Welcome to Inspired Hands Craft Studio website.  I’m glad that you found me!  I teach a wide variety of artisan crafts.  My goal is to provide a creative outlet for you to learn a new skill or to perfect one that you already know and to spend time with like minded people.  After your first class, I am sure you will be excited about learning a new hand craft, confident with the techniques, and happy with the item you created.

The hand crafts on offer have been growing over the years.  Visit the Classes page to see what interests you.  If there is something you have always wanted to learn that I am not already teaching, let me know.  I will do my best to develop classes to satisfy all requests.

All of our gatherings are relaxed, fun, informative and very hands on.  Visit the Testimonials page to see what others are saying.

I have been making things all my life.  I find great satisfaction in taking a pile of raw materials and transforming them into something wonderful.  My background is in the garment industry.  After 15 years of that and another 10 years in a different industry, an opportunity to teach Chinese Knot classes was presented to me and I have not looked back.  One of my special gifts in life is the ability to learn just about any art or craft.  Once I perfect the technique, I simplify it, write instructions, and then develop a curriculum for teaching.  I absolutely love sharing my knowledge of the artisan crafts I know with others.  And even more, I love that I am able to assist in keeping hand crafts alive.  Everything that we make with our hands has some of our heart and soul worked into it; what could be more special than that.

Emily Hoaglin