Jewellery Making Classes

Fundamentals of Jewellery Design & Creation:

This course dedicated to introducing you to the world of jewerllery design and creation.  The first session will be primarily dedicated to learning about tools, findings, stringing materials, and beads.  I will discuss each and show you examples.  At the end of the first session, we will start practicing some of the wire bending techniques involved in jewellery making.  The first half of the second session will be spent learning more techniques.  With the remaining time, you will be designing and making a necklace using the techniques learned.

This is a two session course of 3 hours; 6 hours total.  Included in this course is a reference manual, materials, supplies for you to use during class, and beads/findings for your necklace.  If you wear classes for close work, it is advisable that you bring them with you.

Pre-Requisite:  None

Open Forum Jewellery Class:

This is an open forum class for you to create whatever inspires you.  A week before the class, you will send me a couple photos or sketches of what you are thinking about making.  I will advise on materials needed and whether the piece is within your skill range.  To class you will bring all materials (beads, stringing material, findings, etc.) needed to complete your piece.  As a group, we will spend a bit of time talking about each design and the method to be used to create it so you can learn tips and techniques for creations other than your own.  You will then work independently on your creation and I will offer advise and assistance along the way.

This is a one session course of 4 hours.  I will provide tools for you to use if you do not have your own.  If you wear classes for close work, it is advisable that you bring them with you.

Pre-Requisite:  Fundamentals of Jewellery Design & Creation or equivalent

Introduction to Bead Weaving:

Seed beads are an amazing material, but, what do you do with them?  A simple strung strand or two of seed beads just does not hold the impact most of us are looking for.  However, when you start using seed beads in woven designs, this is when they come alive and transform themselves into beautiful jewellery that anyone would be proud to wear.

This introductory class is going to concentrate on a few different techniques of bead weaving to get you started into this wonderful area of jewellery making.  I will demonstrate and you will practice the techniques of spiral weave, flat and tubular peyote stitch, netted beadwork, and right angle weave.  I will also talk about and demonstrate how to add a clasp to a bead woven design as well as ending and beginning a new thread in the middle of your design.

This is a one session class of 5 hours.  Included in the course will be instruction pages for each technique, materials and supplies to use.  If you wear classes for close work, it is advisable that you bring them with you.

Pre-Requisite:  None

Jewellery Tour of Sham Shui Po:

Sham Shui Po is a veritable treasure chest of shops that have any raw material you can think of to make any thing you can imagine.  This tour is dedicated to jewellery.  I have put together a map of the area with shops identified that carry different items.  A supplement to this is a listing, by raw material, of the shops, their address and a brief description of why I like them or what they have.  You can use this information as reference for any future trip to Sham Shui Po.  We will spend approximately 3hours walking the streets.  We will stop at most of the places identified and have a browse.

We will meet in the Sham Shui Po MTR Station to begin our tour.

Pre-Requisite:  None


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